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What's your calling?
Easy. Helping people remember who they are. I’ve been serving as a reminder to others for as long as I can remember.

Whats one of your most embarrassing moments?

I was at a friends party in 6th grade and her cute older brother was there so I wanted to make an impression. I was making direct eye contact with him as I walked across the living room floor. I was so locked in that I ran right into the screen door and knocked it clean off the track. I was mortified and spent the rest of my time in the bathroom crying.


What’s one thing that you feel uncomfortable sharing?

That I haven’t always been a “good person”. I’ve done my share of hurting people. I’ve cheated and I’ve lied. And the only way I make peace with it is by being accountable, do what I can to mend the pains and speak about it truthfully in situations like these.

Sean Tolan Program Director at Dallas No


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